Kelly’s EP now available for download. Free!

kelly-cover-artDear Friends,

So, for a while now Joey and I have been tossing around this idea of me recording a solo record. I am not the songwriting type, but I have friends of that sort who have, at one time or another, called Murfreesboro home. We asked a few of them to donate a song for our little project, and that’s how this EP came about. I can’t thank these guys enough for such awesome songs. We’ve been working on the record in bits and pieces over the last couple of months, and it’s as ready as it’ll ever be…and it’s free, y’all! Hope you enjoy. –Kelly

The songs:

“Happiness Looks Good On You” by Jason Yeary
“This Life of Ours” by James Jackson Toth
“Stone and Moss” by Casey Strength
“Temptation” by Kent Eugene Goolsby
“Alone At Night” by Keith Pratt
“Don’t Give Up On Me” by Joey Kneiser

The band:

Kelly Kneiser, Joey Kneiser, Shane Spresser, Keith Pratt, Bingham Barnes, Eric Giles.

Recorded by Joey Kneiser and Stephen Trageser at Shane’s House and Joey’s House.

Produced by Joey Kneiser

Mastered by Matthew Louis Pence


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